I created this because my best friend and I are taking a trip to London! We hope to come back to the states fully British.

I had to cut it up into individual images because of tumblr’s compression… If you really need to view this as one whole image, you can do so here.

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If you only know one thing about me, you probably know that I’m obsessed with The Great Gatsby. When I first saw the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s take on the classic story almost a year ago, I don’t think I took a single breath during the entire 2:28 minutes! Immediately I started searching the internet for every on set photo I could find to use as reference for my Great Gatsby infographic. I didn’t want to just create any Gatsby graphic, I wanted to recreate Luhrmann’s vision of Gatsby.

Flash forward to this week and I see that The Plaza Hotel in New York is hosting an Instagram contest to win tickets to the premiere screening and a night in their hotel! The Plaza and the Fitzgeralds go hand in hand, and with the recent Gatsby-themed additions there’s no other place I’d rather visit right now than The Plaza!

The Plaza Hotel is already an indisputable landmark in 1920’s glamour and luxury, so its grandeur was the base for my illustration. I added Gatsby’s infamous yellow Rolls-Royce as an added subtext that Gatsby was inside. He may just be enjoying The Plaza’s Champagne bar or he may be in one of their grand suites demanding that Daisy profess her love for him in front of Tom… you decide!